1. Seiko Future Creation Inc.
  2. CSR/Sustainability


Fundamental Philosophy on Corporate Ethics

Seiko Future Creation Inc. fulfills its social responsibilities by complying with all laws, respecting social mores, and building up sound and proper internal ethics.

Based on these principles, the Company has established the following as its Fundamental Philosophy on Corporate Ethics:

  1. We shall comply with the laws and rules of the countries or regions in which we conduct our business and always engage in fair practices in light of local moral principles.
  2. With the aim of being a decent corporate citizen, we shall always operate in harmony with society.
  3. We shall disclose information in a timely fashion and strive to uphold honest and transparent communications.
  4. We shall do our utmost to take care of our precious earth and contribute to the protection of the environment.
  5. We shall respect fundamental human rights and individuality and build a corporate culture with a broad vision that supports the spirit of corporate ethics.

Corporate Ethics Action Guidelines

1. We shall comply with the laws and rules of the countries or regions in which we conduct our business and engage in fair practices based on local moral principles.

1. Fair competition

We shall carry out business transactions with respect for the "fair, transparent, and open competition" that is a fundamental principle of a freely competitive society.

2. Proper procurement

We shall engage in sound procurement policies, always in compliance with local laws and ordinances.

3. Quality and safety of products and services

We shall comply with local laws and ordinances on quality and safety and provide products and services that meet established standards.

4. Fair research and development activities

Based on our technology philosophy of "Craftsmanship, Miniaturization, and Efficiency", we shall strive to excel in technologies that benefit people’s lives and carry out fair research and development activities that lead to the creation of new products and business.

5. Respect for intellectual property rights

  • We shall comply with all laws pertaining to intellectual property rights and respect the rights of third parties.
  • We shall also protect and make full use of the Company’s own intellectual property.
  • We shall respect the creativity and hard work of all our employees with regard to intellectual property.

6. Proper accounting procedures

We shall comply with Japan’s Companies Act, tax laws, and other laws, ordinances, and regulations relating to internal accounting, securities transactions, etc. and carry out proper accounting procedures and reporting in a timely fashion.

7. Prohibition of improper expenditures

  • We shall make no expenditures that violate laws or ordinances, social ethics, or sound business practices.
  • We shall adhere to all laws, ordinances, and regulations related to improper spending, both in Japan and in each country or region where we operate.

8. Maintenance of internal systems

  • We shall operate free and open workplaces where everyone enjoys mutual respect and cooperates in their work.
  • We shall strive to maintain an environment in which each individual can report, communicate, and seek advice in a proper and timely fashion.
  • We shall always behave properly so as not to harm the interests of either our customers or our Company.

2. With the aim of being a decent corporate citizen, we shall operate in harmony with society.

1. Non-engagement with antisocial forces

We shall not engage with any antisocial forces or organizations, nor allow them to intervene in our business, and we shall prevent them from exercising any influence over our Company.

2. Political donations, etc.

We shall not make political donations that contravene any laws or ordinances or go against social standards, and we shall maintain healthy and open relations with government-related and political organizations.

3. We shall disclose information in a timely fashion and strive to uphold honest and transparent communications.

1. Management of company

  • We shall treat information obtained in the course of doing business as the Company’s own property and manage it appropriately.
  • We shall protect information regarding companies and individuals obtained in the course of doing business, and we shall properly manage the collection, use, and handling of this information in accordance with relevant laws, ordinances, and internal regulations.
  • In order to prevent insider trading, we shall comply with the relevant laws and ordinances and carefully manage important, undisclosed internal information.

2. Preservation of company assets

All executives and staff shall use Company assets for legitimate business purposes only.

3. Public relations activities

We shall publicly disclose corporate information in a proper and timely fashion in order to ensure correct understanding among securities analysts, journalists, customers, staff, business partners, local communities, etc., both within Japan and overseas.

4. We shall take care of this precious Earth and contribute to the protection of the environment.

1. Environmental protection activities

Since the protection of our global environment is the foundation of a healthy and prosperous society, we shall engage in proactive and continual efforts to protect the environment, not merely by complying with laws and ordinances, but to a greater degree, by following the Company’s basic philosophy on environmental responsibility.

5. We shall respect fundamental human rights and individuality and build a corporate culture with a broad vision that fosters the spirit of corporate ethics.

1. Establishment of a healthy work environment

  • Due to our fundamental respect for human rights, we shall strive to create an environment where each person can exercise his or her individuality and originality to the fullest. Only in that way can our business develop and grow in a sustainable manner.
  • We shall strive to realize a healthy and safe environment, free from unfair discrimination and harassment, where all our staff can devote themselves to satisfying work.
  • We shall properly protect the personal information of all members of the Seiko community.

Seiko Group’s Sustainability Policy

Starting with its Statement of Purpose,
the Seiko Group will strive to use its business activities,
which aim to create WITH

(W:Well-being-A Better Life / I:Inclusion-for all people / T:Trust-Certainty and Trust / H:Harmony-with the Earth)

to realize the Group’s steady growth and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Well-Being-A Better Life

As a company that is open, approachable, and people-friendly, we aim to create a society where employees and all other stakeholders can work and live with a sense of pride and fulfillment while recognizing each other’s diverse values.
In our business activities, we will actively address social issues such as human rights, and contribute to the realization of a world where more people can live comfortable, authentic lives, secure in body and mind.

Inclusion-For All People

Corporations can play a major role in the human quest for happiness, and creating an environment where all types of people are welcome is one key area. In addition to providing functional value such as convenience, our products and services provide emotional value based on respect for traditional culture. We also aim to enrich people’s lives through our support for activities such as music and sports. Using the power of our technologies, we want to create a safe and secure society by supporting people’s diverse lifestyles in this new era.

Trust-Certainty and Trust

We believe that pursuing our commitment to high quality and outstanding products, as we have since our founding, will help us to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Our basic philosophy is to be “A Company that is Trusted by Society.” We regard compliance with all laws and regulations, transparency and fairness in management, and respect for social ethics in all our businesses as vitally important concerns for our management. In order to put this philosophy into action, we will address issues such as corporate scandals, fraud and anti-competitive behavior, information asymmetry with stakeholders, and violations of customer privacy.

Harmony-Harmony with the Earth

In recent years, problems such as the increasing number of natural disasters stemming from the climate crisis have become even more serious. Because of our responsibility as a global brand, we will focus on transforming our old consumption and production activities to eliminate the mass consumption of resources and mass disposal of waste. In addition, by utilizing environmental technologies, we will address issues such as greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society that can coexist with the global environment.

Approaches toward Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in September 2015 and enforced in January 2016. SDGs is a set of 17 "Global Goals" containing 169 targets, and the achievement of this universal goals requires corporations to make ongoing efforts.
SDGs attempts to resolve a wide range of social issues common to the international community, including the environment, poverty, hunger, and decent work. There are also goals related to the foundation of business operations such as responsible consumption and production.
Seiko Future Creation Inc., as a corporation and member of the international community, has a responsibility to support the achievement of SDGs.

Innovation is essential for the achievement of SDGs, and it cannot be actualized if we continue to work as we have done in the past. We owns technology that has been developed based on watchmaking technology. We pursue innovations by leveraging our technology and remain committed to making a contribution to the achievement of SDGs in our business activities.